Quick Lite Shisha Charcoal

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Quick Lite Shisha Charcoal

For all Shisha lovers who don’t want to spend extra time in lighting the Charcoal. It is specifically made to make your Shisha Smoking session pleasurable. It catches fire instantly and burns from all sides of the tablet, slowly and evenly. Just light a Charcoal Tablet with an any Lighter, and enjoy your Shisha Smoking.

Gift yourself a smooth and rewarding Shisha smoking experience with high-quality SoeX Quick Lite Shisha Charcoal. These unique charcoal tablet light up in seconds and burn equally from all sides, giving you the ultimate Shisha smoking enjoyment.

When you light up one Charcoal Tablet, you are assured 30 minutes of pure Shisha bliss. Being completely smokeless and odourless, every Charcoal Tablet will increase your Shisha smoking experience manifold. Light up a SoeX Quick-Lite Charcoal Tablet and begin a journey of uninterrupted Hookah smoking delight.

Quick Lite Shisha Charcoal


Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and place on top of Shisha flavour covered with aluminium foil on the Hookah bowl. light the edge of the tablet with a match or lighter. the tablet will then light across its surface. the tablet should be left to burn out and cool in the holder. If the tablet to be extinguished before it is fully cooled then this should be done with the cold water.

DO NOT HANDLE THE TABLET WHEN LIT as this will cause a burn.


This box contains 80 Quick Lite Shisha Charcoal tablets.

Charcoal tablets for use with Hookah pipes. the tablets are packed in rolls of 10 and are sealed in order to maintain efficient combustion. In order to maintain freshness opened rolls should be resealed and returned to the box which should be kept closed and stored in a cool dry place. effective storage will ensure quick lightening and long burning.

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